Humble Beginings And Who We Are

At Luxe Air Conditioning we find that a lot of overwhelmed customers contact us “by chance” after getting lost in the maze of all the tradesmen and professions they could ask advice to. They all seem to report that they feel like no one had been able to provide them with guaranteed work and/ or a well-priced solution.

We proudly can say that in virtually all cases, we have fixed their problems or found a solution, most of the time at a fraction of the cost they had been quoted by other trades.

Blake Sullivan has developed over his 20 years’ experience an intuitive eye to tailor a solution to the design/specifics of your property. Blake always manage to establish what system or combination would be most efficient, least intrusive, and most affordable.

Blake also explains issues and solutions in a simple way, to make sure that you the customer participate in the process of picking the right option. Whether it be your best design option of a Ducted air conditioning system which outline brackets, thicker wall insulation, antimicrobial solutions, drainage, energy efficiencies, either way you can be assured that it will work, it will be a fair price (nothing over the top!), and that our experienced air conditioning technicians will install or fix it all professionally.

For proof of this feel free to visit any of our social media platforms or online reviews by all means we welcome you to check us out.