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Welcome To Luxe Air Conditioning; Let Us Create The Perfect Living Conditions For You!

We would like to welcome you to Luxe Air Conditioning and tell you a few things about how this company came to life! It was founded by Blake who, after having worked in Marine Refrigeration, commercial HVAC Services, Building Management Systems (BMS), and Building Automation & residential air conditioning, decided to follow his own path! He concluded that there was an immediate need for a company that would offer high quality residential air conditioning solutions with good customer service and reasonable prices – and that’s how Luxe Air Conditioning was born! taking into all factors that others seem to miss. ​

Who Are We?

We are a modern, Australian-based company, specialising in air-conditioning design, installation, and repairs in both residential and commercial applications. You can choose between split and ducted systems of 5+ trusted brands, and we are also available for preventable maintenance service as well!​

Why Do I Need An Air Conditioner?

Apart from the obvious benefit that is your and your loved ones’ comfort during hot or dry days, there are plenty of other reasons why a unit tailored to your house’s needs will up your quality of life. Check out a few of them! • Breathe Freely! Thanks to the special filters that an air conditioner features, it keeps the air in your place cleaner, thus aiding you to breathe better, avoid allergic reactions, and sleep like a baby!• Peace, Quiet, Serenity! Without an air-conditioning solution, you need to open your windows for a small breeze of air; however, with it, you also open your house to incredible outside noise, pollutants, bacteria, and pollen!• Boost Your Productivity! It is common knowledge that heat causes fatigue, discomfort, and difficulty in concentrating; in other words, an air-conditioner can help you remain energetic and fully productive!

And Why Should I Choose You?

There are at least three key-points that made us stand out from the crowd and gained our clients’ love! First of all, we listen to you. We sit down, listen to your thoughts, and provide you with the best possible solution according to your needs and budget. Secondly, we are honest with you. The quoted price you will get is the final price; no secret fees, no additional expenses! And last, but not least, we provide exceptional value services for your money. Its more then likely Blake the owner and operating will be carry out your installation with his team. He believes having him on site ensures the customers that they are in safe hands and the job is not in the hand of apprentices or unqualified individuals. His high attention to detail and knowledge will provide you with a service like no other.   Professionalism, excellent customer care services, and the highest-end quality brands available in the market are the least we can offer you to show you how much we appreciate your loyalty and trust!​

Welcome to Luxe Air Conditioning; Contact Us Today & Let’s Get To Work!

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