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Do You What's Living Inside Your Air Conditioner?

Why should you have a clean & properly functioning air conditioner?

If you're like most people, the chances are that you rely heavily on your air conditioner.

Rightly so, since it cools the environment, eases the nerves, and makes you more productive.

Just don't let things get as bad as the photo below!

Why is having a clean Air Conditioner important?

If your AC Stops functioning optimally, it wouldn't only agitate you, it could also cause health and security.

Filters that don't clean the air properly end up decreasing its efficiency and reduce amount of air circulation.

One thing leads to another and you get an AC that breaks down before you even know it! An unmaintained air conditioner gradually becomes less effective and costs you more by consuming more energy

That's why proper cleaning is not an but a necessity.

Having Your AC Cleaned Increases Efficiency by 10-25%

Maintain A Cozy Enviroment?

The human body and electrical/electronic appliances produce heat, which results in an increase in the rooms temperature.

With a proper functioning air conditioner, you can maintain a cozy room temperature at 20 degrees and also clean out excessive moisture from the air to keep humidity in check.

Better sleep Quality.

When our body feels comfort, it relaxes. That's why a cozy environment contributes to better sleep quality.

Keeps You From Excessively Sweating

High Temperatures aacount for excessive sweating. It causes us to lose a certain percentage of fluid from our body. This can easily lead to dehydration.

But with the air conditioner running at 100% efficiency, no more sweating, so no more worrying about losing water from the body.

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In-house Trained Technicians....

Research entails that humans function well when they feel at ease and relaxed. That can be achieved by creating a cozy atmosphere with optimal functioning air conditioning to relax the nerves to make us more efficient.

Noticed A Decline In Performance?

Every year people die of heat stroke. but with a fully functioning air conditioner, you could save yourself and your family by making it safe from heatstroke related illnesses and deaths.

Improve The Quality Of Air You Breath from $330 inc gst...