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There are things to know about air conditioning before buying or acquiring the services of air conditioning installer or mechanic.

Things To Know Before Buying An Air Conditioner

We are serious when it comes to supplying and installing split system or ducted air conditioners on the Northern Beaches & Greater Sydney. Too often we have seen customers who have been misled by incorrect information when purchasing a split system air conditioner from a retailer or an inexperienced individual. It’s important to get professional advice and be informed before making such an important investment. A salesman will not be able to communicate all the technical requirements for the effective and efficient climate management of your home/business. We have customers constantly saying "we purchased an air conditioning unit for our apartment/ house, can you do an installation only." On our arrival to do the installation we often find that the customer has to return the goods because: • The heat load calculation is wrong i.e. it needed 5kw of cooling instead of 2.5kw.• The difference between a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner and split system wasn't known• The main switch board can’t handle the electrical load of the air conditioner.• There is nowhere or no way for condensation to drain out. Another issue to be aware of is warranty. When a unit faults customers tend to call the retailer where they purchased the unit from only to be advised the fault is an installation problem. The installer then checks the unit and finds it is a product fault and is not covered by the installers warranty. The customer is down the cost of a service call and now has to spend time trying to resolve the issue with either the retailer or the manufacturer. This waste of time and money can be avoided by having Luxe Air Conditioning supply and install your split system correctly as we handle everything from leading expert advice to warranty issues if necessary. So if you are after a professional, quality supply and installation AND exceptional customer service, check out our prices and contact us today.

4 Tips to Finding the Best Air Conditioning Services in Australia

It is pretty fair to say that Australia is a very hot place to live. Because of this, it is very important to keep cool during the hot summer days. Some people might have a pool installed or might keep all the windows open. However, another effective way to make sure you stay cool is to use air conditioning.Air conditioning is a lot cheaper than installing a pool and it will keep your entire house cool (depending on the system you install). However, installing it yourself is a nightmare and it is important that you find someone else to do it for you. That is where air conditioning services come in and they can help you get everything fitted.​But how do you chose these services? There are so many in Australia and it can be difficult to decide on which one to use. In this article, we will be going through the factors you should use when it comes to choosing an Australian air conditioning service, so you don’t get left with a half-finished job and a long line of costs.


An obvious one you need to first factor in is the air conditioning service’s reputation. With the application of the internet, identifying the reputation of a service is very easy and only require a few clicks. You can search up their company and identify the reviews placed on their services. If they don’t have an online presence this is usually a red flag and it might be best to leave that company.Alternatively, you could also check with neighbours and other friends about a company’s reputation. If they have used them in the past for their air conditioning they will be able to give a valid review of the service.​

Check the Legal Side of Things

One of the most important but often missed things when it comes to air conditioning services is the legal side of things. What I mean by this is the documents and insurance documents that will protect you and the team that is working on your house. Always ask the company you’re vetting if they have insurance as well as any official documents that state they’re allowed to perform these sort of services ie. appropriate licences held. This is a crucial step if you want to make sure you don’t get any cowboys installing your conditioning.​

Identify Brands

​You’ll often find that air conditioning services tend to work with certain air conditioning units. This is good, as it allows them to know the ins and outs of the system they’re installing. However, if you want the system to be perfect, we recommend you ask the service about their chosen equipment. Specifically, you should look for brands. Well-known brands are trusted for a reason and won’t let you down. Identify the services that use the best gear so you can have a working unit for years to come.​

Ask About Payment Schedules

​If you’re going to install a whopping great air conditioning unit, you’re going to need the funds to do so. If you can’t pay straight away it will be helpful to identify what the services financing options are, so you can make a healthy payment schedule that suits both parties. If they require payment upfront this might be a red flag and they may be after one quick payment. They can do a bad job and then leave you.​

Conclusion for Air Conditioning repairs, service and installations

Australia is a hot place. As a result, keeping yourself cool is a necessity, especially in the hot summer. Air conditioning is one of the best ways to accomplish this but you’ll need a good service to install the unit. Use the above tips the make sure you don’t get a bunch of cowboys who will install the unit poorly and then will run off with your valuable cash.

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