The Importance Of Cleaning Your Aircon Filters

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Cleaning Your Aircon Filters

To keep your air conditioning clean, it is advisable to wash the air filter weekly. However, the air filter should only be changed annually Deposited dust can be carefully removed with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the air filters ensures that air conditioning works optimally: after all, the air conditioner must be able to draw in and purify the air to do its job. Clogged and dirty filters can cause problems with your air conditioning. For example, clogged air filters may be the reason why the air conditioning stops blowing.

The filter forms a central part of the air conditioning system because it has to be constantly available for the air in the room to pass through.

Types of air conditioners:

Window Air Conditioners

Cassette Air Conditioners

Fixed split air conditioner

Ducted Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners

Importance of cleaning Aircon Filter

Maximise the life of your system

Simple cleaning of air filters, fans and coils will help the system prevent overheating and increase lifespan. It allows preserving its air conditioning system from deterioration so as not to entail the obligation to prematurely replace its device. Proper maintenance can also guarantee the correct operation and durability of the equipment.

Reduce Repair

Regular maintenance also reduces the frequency of breakdowns, since a lack of maintenance is the cause of 80% of breakdowns. The objective of the maintenance consists of ensuring the maintenance of the installations and the proper functioning of the air conditioning system.

Eliminate bad odors and humidity

Circulation of air clean maintains good air flow

Save energy:

A poorly maintained air conditioner use more energy to cool the rooms. This increase in consumption has a direct impact on the energy bill.

They reduce the possibility of suffering from diseases developed by pathogenic microorganisms, which mainly affect the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body.

The Pros and Cons of an Air Filtration System


Cool Temperature: The biggest advantage of an air conditioner is that it cools the temperature in a room. The home is guaranteed to feel a few degrees lower and especially in summer.Higher productivity: It is not possible to work properly in a room that is too hot or humid. Not only will air conditioning increase productivity, but it will also encourage motivation. Dehumidifying the air: Humid air creates an unpleasant feeling because sweat cannot evaporate quickly. Dry air along with a few degrees less heat make a world of difference on hot days.Room ventilation: In addition to cooling, an air conditioner can also ventilate the home. To maintain the air quality inside, you must ventilate the room sufficiently.


Sudden changes in temperature: Although at home we are very comfortable with the fresh air, when going outside, there will be a sudden difference in temperature, Causing immoderate sweating and dizziness.Respiratory problems: If the device is not properly maintained, it may be responsible for infections brought by a bacteria known as legionella, causing respiratory issues like, abnormal high temperature, cough and coldness. Energy consumption: Air conditioners consume a lot of energy and this energy is almost always from electricity.Noise : Fixed air conditioning works quite quietly, but noise can still occur.Requires maintenance: Like other installations, an air conditioner needs maintenance which is an extra cost.

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