Benefits Of Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Others

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Installing the appropriate air conditioner is a worthy decision for any property or homeowner. This choice depends on several factors such as energy efficiency, size of the building, price, and personal preferences, among others.

Today the ducted air conditioning has is becoming increasingly popular due to its remarkable features such as zoning system, reverse cycle function, etc. This makes it an all-in-one home heating & cooling solution.

The ever-changing weather patterns make ducted air con an ideal option in Sydney. The following are some of the benefits of ducted air continuing which will guide your decision if you’re planning to install one.

Increases your Property’s Value

Although installing a ducted air con is more affordable today than ever, it’s still considered as a luxurious/high-end appliance. Ducted air conditioner installation makes financial sense if you plan to sell your property in the future.

As an all-weather appliance, the air conditioner an essential upgrade for your home since buyers find a property with the unit more attractive compared to those lacking. If you’re installing the system in a new property, the process is easy, and the installer can run all ducts and the internal & external compressors with easy.

For an already existing property, the installation process may take longer, but it isn’t complicated. Before installing the unit, ensure a thorough inspection of your electrical switchboard and mains to determine if you need an upgrade.

Ideal for Multi-level Residential Homes

Ducted air-con systems are suitable for large residential properties and homes with several levels. It’s easy to run the ducts on the property through the roof cavity for both new homes and upgrades.

They ducts system offers excellent practicality, whereby you can choose to isolate a room as required. For example, if you have guests in your living room, you can have the air conditioning focused on that area as it’s switched off in the rest of the rooms.

On the contrary, in the case of installing a split system air conditioner in multi-level property, you’ll need to have wall units in each room and compressors, which may turn to be disruptive and noisy in the long run.

Efficiency and Saving Money

Initially, the ducted units consumed more power when compared to the split systems. The introduction of advanced inverter technology has made these systems more energy efficient. When shopping, go for a unit with a high energy star rating. If you’re not a heavy user, the energy consumption may match that of the split units.

Although the initial cost of installing the ducted systems is high, over time, you’ll save more in lower electrical bills due to more efficient cooling. For example, if your property is large it’ll need two split systems, but one ducted air con is sufficient, making it a cheaper option for large properties.

With the split systems, you have to install a unit in each room, making it expensive in installation, maintenance, and energy costs. The zoning option on the ducted air cons also provides an avenue for savings by shutting off the zones; you aren’t using.

Health Advantages

Installing the ducted units comes with health advantages due to better air quality alongside temperature-controlled cooling compared to the running fans.

These units have filtration systems that trap dust and related pollutants resulting in a more breathable environment. This means individuals with chronic conditions such as asthma, sneezing, coughing, and other associated disorders have less risk of sickness.

Zoning also helps to provide the ideal conditions for your loved ones. For example, if any of your family members are vulnerable to extreme heat or cold, you can switch off the ducts in their rooms.


A ducted air con brings in aesthetics since the system is nearly invisible with an only nondescript vent on your ceiling. This is helpful since it won’t interfere with your interior design.

You don’t have opted worry about a huge wall unit or a boxy split system in your house that may be aesthetically unpleasing. The lack of visibility for the ducted units makes them the ideal choice when you want your property to look its best.

With the ducted systems, the central cooling unit is installed in the roof whereby the cooled air if relayed to the rooms via ducts. It’s just like an iceberg, with only a small faction been visible while the controller is in the ceiling. Therefore you don’t have to sacrifice precious wall space to a large wall-mounted unit.

Easy to Control System

The ducted air conditioners have a central temperature control panel, which is installed in a central area such as the kitchen or living room making it easy to control. For commercial properties, the panel will be close to the entrance or at the reception.

The controller features timers that can be activated based on the use of the rooms. With the ducted systems, you can create zones for bedrooms, dining areas, or office areas or any other place where conditioning is required.

You can control modern ducted air conditioners via Wi-Fi or App controllers. These latest developments mean you can control conditioning remotely in your property from your laptop, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Peaceful and quiet

Wall and window-mounted air conditioners such as the split systems have one main downside—the constant buzz. Some people find it difficult to sleep with such noise levels.

Fortunately, you can get ducted air cons that are completely noiseless or with a minimal

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