The Northern Beaches and North Shore Lifestyle

May 30, 2020

Sydney is one of the special cities in Australia, but the natural resources also add to its greatness. This city is one of the most populated yet most loved places with a population of approximately 5,000,000 people and more than 100 beaches. Northern beaches are some of the most alluring, and together with the diversity of the people, they make a living here worthwhile. There are multiple activities to engage in at the beaches and a lot of food to enjoy given the multiple culture practices.


Northern beaches Sydney have a significant effect on the lifestyle of the residents, especially during summer. When the weather is favourable, people spend each day at the beaches to enjoy the serenity they provide. Most of the residents also take on surfing and swimming, which allows them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Jogging around the beaches is also very common, but there is also a relaxed atmosphere which allows people to enjoy some quiet moments at the cafes around the beaches.

The population consists of a mixture of younger and older generations with each preferring to different leisure activities. Lifestyle in the north shore also involves indulging in various entertainment options. Pubs, clubs, exhibitions, and dance and theatre are all available to cater for the young and old alike. Living here may be a little expensive given the high housing rates, but there are also many job opportunities with residents taking pride in hard work. It is also safer than most cities across the world, and the service providers are friendly, making it easier for all residents to acquire the services they need.


Sydney’s North Shore has amazing weather with the sun shining even during winter. Summer usually starts from December to February with the perfect weather for spending time on the beaches. During this time, the temperature can be as low as 18 degrees Celsius or as high as 26oC. Summer also has high humidity of up to 65%, and the water temperatures can rise to 21 degrees.

From March to May, which is the autumn period, both the temperature and humidity drops, making the weather very mild. Most people make use of this weather by enjoying walks and jogs along the beaches. It is also the time when humpback whales migrate, so they are regularly spotted at the North shore.

Winter begins in June and ends in August, but the temperature doesn’t drop to freezing points. Instead, rainfalls increase, and it gets very chilly. July is the coldest month, with temperatures dropping to 13 degrees Celsius. From September to November, the temperatures rise but not to the same level as summer. It is possible to swim during all seasons but take the necessary precautions, especially during winter, when the water is too cold. While it may be difficult to control the weather outside, you can control the temperature inside your home through AC units.

Homes and neighbourhoods

Northern Beaches Sydney doesn’t just have a diverse population but also different architectural styles. The houses here a mixture of designs from the Federation period and designs from the current trends, which means that you’ll find apartment units to rent as well as home to purchase or rent. The prices are very high, especially in the suburbs and along the beachfront. The lavish lifestyle in some of the neighbourhoods makes it difficult for everyone to afford them. Still, all the housing options, including the old apartments, have enough room to make you comfortable. They are also equipped with HVAC units for when it gets too hot or cold.

Air conditioning use

Even though the climatic conditions in North Shore are generally pleasant, it’s still important to install AC units in all the properties, especially if located on the upper north shore. Our services will ensure you get energy-efficient systems to allow you to control your indoor temperatures easily. Whether you own a commercial or residential building, our goal is to ensure that you get air conditioning systems that will naturally help you control the atmosphere. We also offer repair and maintenance services wherever you are on the north shore.


Sydney has a lot to offer, and Luxe Air Conditioning makes it to better. You can enjoy the northern beaches during the day and enjoy spending time at home with our air conditioning services.

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