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Split System

Split Systems

Whether you are looking for a split system, multi split, VRV or VRF be sure to consult us first for Northern Beaches & Sydney air conditioning services.

Air Conditioning Repairs


We carry out air conditioning repairs on all brands in domestic & commercial applications when getting air conditioning Northern Beaches & Sydney

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In need of an aircon install, Choose the right business? We have you covered for air conditioning in the Northern Beaches & Sydney!

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Ducted Air

We service repair & install reverse cycle ducted air conditioners. Trust the heating & cooling experts in the Northern Beaches & Sydney

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A Trusted Business

We carry out air conditioning services for people all around Sydney and help reliable and trusted ac brands stand out.

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Split Systems from....

Panasonic 2.5kw Reverse Cycle
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Fully Liscensed Technicians
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Why do i need an air conditioner?

We sleep well knowing your indoor air quality has improved and your quality of life as well...


Breathe Freely!

Thanks to the special filters that an air conditioner features, it keeps the air in your place cleaner, thus aiding you to breathe better, avoid allergic reactions, and sleep like a baby!


Peace, Quiet, Serenity

Without an air-conditioning solution, you need to open your windows for a small breeze of air; however, with it, you also open your house to incredible outside noise, pollutants, bacteria, and pollen!


Boost Your Productivity!

It is common knowledge that heat causes fatigue, discomfort, and difficulty in concentrating; in other words, an air-conditioner can help you remain energetic and fully productive!


What Our Clients Say

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"Excellent installation of ducted air conditioning. Even better, they cleaned up thoroughly after the job was done."

Michelle Webb

"Blake & his team at Luxe Air Conditioning have made the whole process of getting A/C installed into my home an absolute breeze."

Alex Hunter

"I have used Luxe Air Conditioning 3 times for repairs to our ducted air conditioning system. Very Professional and well priced."

Glenn Hollaran

"I couldn't recommend Luxe more highly. Blake and his team offered me a very competitive price and completed the works to the highest standard."

Sarah Matthews
Luxe Air COnditioning

Our Aircon Services

residential air conditioning

Residential Air Conditioning

You are in safe hands when it comes to air conditioning your home. We work with and for some of the biggest builders out there.

commercial air conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

We have mulitple contracts with schools, resturants, factories and hotels. Whether its a package unit or a chiller we can help.

air conditioning repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs

If your air conditioning has let you down. We can help you out and get your ac back up and running in no time at all.

split system air conditioner

Split System Air Conditioners

Looking to get split system air conditioning installed in your home? Contact us today to arrange a free quotation. We specialise in the installation & repairs of split systems.

ducted air conditioner

Ducted Air Conditioning

Want to know where to get ducted air reverse conditioning in Northern Beaches? Contact us today if you need a replacement or to arrange a free quotation.

vrf and vrv system

VRV & VRFs Systems

Referred to as Variable Refrigerant Flow combine flexibility, energy efficiency and respect for the environment, with a wide choice of stylis

air conditioning service

Air Conditioning Service

Is your air conditioner in need of a service. Maybe you haven't checked the filters in a while and its not as efficient as it once was. Book an aircon service with us today!

reverse cycle system

Reverse Cycle Systems

After an air conditioning system that provides heating and cooling for your home, office, or building. We can tailor a solution best suited to your budget.

multi head split system

Multi-head Split Systems

Multi Split Systems can heat or cool multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. Perfect for saving cost on the initial installation.

frequently asked questions icon

Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse cycle air conditioner not heating or cooling?

If this is happening it is best to get a qualified professional to come out and diagnose, that is if you are certain its not just the controller on the wrong setting. All in all it could be a number of issues from lack of or no refrigerant, the safety switches being engaged or the temperature sensor has malfunctioned.

How often should i clean my filters?

Depending on how often you utilise your air conditioner it is recommend to clean your filter bi-monthly in a residential application and monthly in a commercial environment. Most major air conditioning issues and repairs stem from the filters being dirty and blocked.

Difference between a maintenance & service call?

A maintenance is a check of a system to ensure that it is working to the best of it’s ability.  A Service Callout is when your system has malfunctioned and a qualified technician is required to do testing of the system to diagnose the issue.

My air conditioner is tripping the main fuse?

Usually when this happens its a major component and it best to get the professionals out to diagnose the issue. Most causes of a main circuit breaker trip is either a fan motor, compressor, PCB or faulty isolator that has failed and is causing it to trip.

Cost of reverse cycle air conditioning?

Each price varies depending on the installation proposal. Whilst some jobs might be straight forward and easy others may not and could cost more in labour. However most of the cost that are involved in air conditioning isn't the labour side of things, its the components. Depending on the kilowatts needed air conditioning in a residential application ranges from $1,500 to $15,000 on average.

My air conditioner is leaking water?

If your air conditioner is leaking water its best to switch it off and call us just make sure before you do that your filters are clean? If so its more then likely that you have a blockage within the condensate line of the air conditioner.

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