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Strategically planned AC placement for efficient airflow.

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With our head office strategically positioned in Sydney, Luxe Air Conditioning has expanded its legacy of excellence to serve the vibrant communities of Sydney, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. With over a decade in the industry, our reputation is built on a foundation of trust and unparalleled service.

We our trade licences that covers the 3 states of the eastern sea board it has helped our customers businesses grow! We have helped Small to medium enterprises expand with their shop fit-out and relocations with our light commercial pricing structure. If you are in procurement or a managerial position find out if your business qualifies and talk to us today.

As your HVAC experts, we make it our mission to understand the unique needs of each community we serve. Whether you require a customised installation in Sydney, a swift repair in Gold Coast, or expert maintenance in Brisbane, rest assured that Luxe has got you covered. Choose Luxe, and invest in comfort and reliability across three major cities.

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Chosen by more, Luxe Air Conditioning offers unparalleled expertise in A/C solutions.

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From precise installations to dependable maintenance, Luxe ensures your home and or office stays at the perfect temperature.

At Luxe Air Conditioning, we understand that true comfort is a blend of efficient cooling, aesthetic integration, and long-term reliability. From our initial consultation and detailed site assessment, we tailor our services to your unique needs, ensuring a harmonious fit for every space.

Our expert technicians are dedicated to installing systems with precision, ensuring optimal performance right from the start. With routine maintenance and servicing packages, we guarantee the longevity and peak efficiency of your system and should you ever encounter an issue, our emergency repair services are just a call away.

At Luxe, we believe in a holistic approach to air conditioning - offering not just cooling, but a lifestyle enhancement.

Service Call, Includes 1 Hour On Site
Hourly Rate Per Person
Split System Installation (Good Access) Per System
Cooling Zone Mapping & Design
Residential Install Rate (Ducted Systems) 3p Team
General Maintenance (Conditions Apply)

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May 27, 2024
Air conditioning impacts the environment through high energy use and harmful refrigerant emissions, contributing to greenhouse gases and global warming. Using energy-efficient units and eco-friendly refrigerants, along with regular maintenance, can help mitigate these effects.

How Air Conditioning Effects The Environment

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May 27, 2024
While air conditioners don’t directly cause sickness, they can increase susceptibility to colds and flu by affecting the immune system. Maintaining a balanced indoor environment is crucial. If you experience symptoms, consult a healthcare professional.

Can Your Air Conditioner Make Your Sick

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May 26, 2024
Choosing the right aircon unit is crucial for comfort and efficiency. It involves understanding more than just features and prices; it's about energy efficiency, suitability to your space, and reliable service. Whether for a new home, commercial space, or repairs, the right aircon ensures optimal cooling, energy savings, and long-term satisfaction.

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