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Buying an air conditioner is a good investment in your health and comfort. However, it is essential to choose the appropriate model. So, high-quality devices will allow you to minimise the electricity bills and will not require expensive repairs for many years.

When it comes to the Japanese brand Daikin, this company is known worldwide for its excellence. Daikin products can surprise you not only with reliability, safety, and functionality but also quite an affordable price and luxe air conditioning for Daikin and air conditioning services.

What are Daikin Air Conditioners?

‍First of all, they match the conception of their manufacturer, who is continually aiming for perfection. Daikin is a multinational corporation based in Japan. It produces and sells HVAC equipment worldwide. The basis of its strategy is to provide customers with high-quality products and services ahead of the current market needs. The company pays great attention to minimising environmental impact by developing new refrigerants and products with a seasonal efficiency function. Japanese Daikin air conditioners are in demand for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

Product Range

The main types of products manufactured by the company are heating, air conditioning, hot water, ventilation, and air cleaning systems. Daikin played a leading role in the development of several technological know-how. So, in 1982, the company demonstrated Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology, which became sensational for the air conditioning market. Currently, the company's specialists are developing fourth-generation VRV systems: comprehensive, customisable, energy-efficient solutions for large rooms and entire buildings. And the use of Daikin air conditioners is as convenient and uncomplicated as possible. So, let's check the different types of air conditioners Daikin has to offer.

Daikin Split Systems

This type of air conditioning system consists of two units (one located inside the house and one outside) connected by pipes and a control panel. Split systems have almost replaced conventional mono-block air conditioners, as they are more efficient. The customers can install the Daikin split system in an apartment, a private house, a cottage, or in a small office.The company offers clients unique split systems that can supply fresh, humidified air to the room. All Daikin equipment of this type operates using the ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A and R32.Daikin split systems provide customers with increased energy efficiency, rapid achievement of specified climatic parameters, as well as long service life an air conditioning maintenance will prolong the long definitely.

Multi-Split Systems

The main feature of multi-split systems is the presence of several internal units connected to one external. They are installed in private houses, large offices, public and administrative buildings, restaurants, and factories. Indoor units can be different in power and design. It allows the customer to optimise the configuration of the equipment, taking into account the characteristics of each air-conditioned room. The use of multi-split systems makes it possible to preserve the neat appearance of the building without hanging a lot of external units from the outside.Daikin multi-split systems meet the highest modern requirements for A/C equipment. Using this type of Daikin devices allows fast heating and cooling of indoor air. At the same moment, it saves energy, has an attractive design, and uses ozone-friendly refrigerant. Prices for Daikin multi-split systems depend on the number of indoor units.

Cassette Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioner is perfect for rooms with dropped ceilings. The client can conceal the indoor unit of the cassette air conditioner, which allows the equipment to fit into any interior. Only a square panel with a chilled air distribution system comes out. The advantage of this design is the same cooling in all directions. Cassette air conditioners are mainly used for non-residential rooms: offices, restaurants, and exhibition halls.The advantages of cassette Daikin air conditioners are low noise level, fresh air supply, the presence of an inverter, the ability to work in multi-split systems. Only experienced specialists should install and service Daikin cassette-type air conditioners since this installation belongs to the semi-industrial class and requires qualified handling.

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted air conditioners also can create a comfortable microclimate in residential and commercial premises with dropped ceilings. Ducted air conditioners distribute air from the central unit using the ductwork that goes through all rooms that require air conditioning. The central unit itself can be either concealed within a ceiling or installed in a utility room. Daikin ducted air conditioning systems enable excellent cooling, heating, and purification of indoor air and also supply outdoor air to the room, which positively affects the indoor microclimate. Besides, ducted air conditioners are much cheaper than cassette ones, but if you need an air conditioning installation this brand is definitely recommended.

Portable air conditioners

The indoor unit of this type of air conditioner is floor standing, which allows the customer not to violate the integrity of the walls and not to do ceiling work. The external unit of such a system is fixed outside the building and connected with the indoor unit. Portable air conditioners are a convenient solution for old houses or rented premises. The customer can also place the indoor unit in a niche to save more space. Daikin portable air conditioners also enable ​​airflow separation. One air stream comes out of the upper diffuser, and the other one from the bottom. All models of floor standing Daikin air conditioners can operate in the single-flow or double-flow air distribution mode. The airflow from the upper diffuser can be adjusted so that people feel comfortable in the room. Daikin portable air conditioning can work as a part of the multi-split air conditioning system.

How Daikin Air Conditioners Compare to Other Air Conditioning Brands

Daikin is a preferred air conditioning brand for those who need a high-quality and reliable solution. Daikin offers a comprehensive product range, so customers can buy both industrial air conditioning systems and small residential air conditioners.Principal Daikin's competitors are Samsung and LG, Airwell, DeLonghi and Fujitsu. Among other air conditioning brands are Hitachi, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sharp, and Toshiba. And this is not a complete list, but ranks number one in the market and you wont get many Daikin air conditioning repairs.

Premium Features of Daikin Air Conditioners

Today, Japanese Daikin air conditioners are leading the market of split systems and other air conditioning devices. This company offers new developments and the most advanced air conditioners for domestic and industrial use. For several decades, Daikin split systems have been known in the market of indoor climate control systems for their high technology and energy-effectiveness.

Japanese manufacturer offers more than two hundred models of split systems with various functionality. And it is only a small part of the product history of Daikin. The Japanese company operates since the 1920s and today specialises only in air conditioners and similar devices.At the moment, Daikin has many branches in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, where the company produces:air conditioners; compressors and inverters; air curtains; condensing units; mini chillers; multi-split systems and other high-quality technological solutions.The most significant share of indoor equipment is produced based on inverter compressors, which use less electricity and have a low noise level.

Besides, Daikin experts were the first who synthesised freon. They also created an intelligent air conditioning system, a multi-split (heat/cold) system, and much more. The Japanese company is a leader not only in the quality and effectiveness of its products, but it has also repeatedly been awarded for the most advanced design of its products.

Why Choose Daikin?

Japanese air conditioners ensure the ideal temperature balance, the influx of fresh air, and regulation of humidity. Daikin systems create an optimal microclimate in the room. Rising energy prices around the world are inspiring engineers to develop energy-efficient devices. Besides, concern for the environment and the will to use eco-materials lead to the development of new technologies.

Daikin inverter air conditioning systems have become the technology solution that consumers around the world required. The Japanese company wanted to provide the best operational performance and to produce products with the highest level of energy efficiency.

1. Among one of the newest innovations, there is a microclimate maintenance system that analyzes humidity parameters - URURU SARARA. The first abbreviation refers to the technology of humidification of air without a source of water supply. And the second means dehumidification of air without changing temperature parameters.

2. Japanese developers are trying to make their most advanced models the part of the "smart home" system. It allows controlling air conditioners by remote control, motion sensors, and computer or smartphone.

3. Wall-mounted Daikin air conditioners have a minimum noise level, as they use inverters

4. Daikin air conditioners are known for their elegant and compact design. EMURA series with modern contoured shape is a leader in the design competition for its luxurious look.

5. Some models are equipped with occupancy sensors that allow saving energy when the owners are not at home. Moreover, if there are exotic animals in the house that need the temperature to be at the required level, the split-system can work in a round-the-clock energy-saving mode, maintaining the microclimate of the room


Daikin is an air conditioner manufacturer with many years of experience. There is a Daikin air conditioning North Sydney outlet. This outlet is open to general public. Daikin experts try to implement new technologies and create the most advanced devices. And their goal always remains the same - to make the customers happy!

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