So you are looking at getting ducted air conditioning and don't know the supply and installation cost involved?

This is a ducted air conditioning cost calculator to set you on the right path and give you knowledge of what you would expect the cost for the supply and installation of an air conditioning system through out the premises.​Keep in mind that this is just a guide line to help you better understand, as all ducted air conditioning installations are different and therefore so too will be the price.

What is ducted air conditioning?

With the increasing demand for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, ducted air conditioning has become a popular choice among builders. Ducted air conditioning is a system of indoor climate control that distributes conditioned air through ducts to different rooms of the building. A typical system consists of an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, and one or more electric heating and cooling coils. keywords: ducted air-conditioners, ducted heating, what is a ductless system

What are the benefits of installing ducted air conditioning?

Installing a ducted air conditioning system is a great way to stay cool while staying in your budget. Ducted air conditioning systems are able to cool an entire home, and they do so more efficiently than window units or central air. This is because they have a larger cooling capacity, and they don't have the heat loss that you get from open windows.In addition to being more efficient, ducted systems are also much quieter than window units or central air. This is because the noise comes from the vents instead of directly from the unit itself.

So what is the bottom line cost for ducted air conditioning?

The bottom line is that ducted A/C systems are significantly more expensive to install and maintain. The installation cost for a ductless system averages at about $2,000 while a ducted system can cost on average $10,000. The difference in the cost of maintenance is also significant with the average for a ductless system being around $200 per year while a ducted system can cost up to $1,000 per year.

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