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Luxe Air Conditioning in Sydney is a company with a proven track record. We have been in business since 2010 and have helped many clients avoid many problems associated with Ducted Air Conditioning.

Is ducted air conditioning expensive to run? Ducted air conditioning is the most expensive form of air conditioning because of its cost to install and ongoing running costs. However, it can be cheaper if you have a ducted air conditioning unit with a heat pump which is more energy efficient.

Ducted air conditioning is a form of central heating and cooling that takes place in your home. It circulates refrigerant gas through metal ducts and or flexible insulated ducts, using the principle of one end of the duct being heated while the other end is cooled or vice versa.

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Ducted Checklist

  1. Know how many outlets you would like.
  2. Determine your zoning needs ie. living & beds.
  3. Find a good location for the outside unit.
  4. See if the switchboard can handle the amperage.
  5. Make sure you have enough roof space.

Common Questions

  1. Ducted air conditioning service cost
  2. Ducted air conditioning with purifier
  3. Ducted air conditioning unit replacement
  4. Ducted air conditioning tripping
  5. Ducted air conditioning two storey house

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Ducted air conditioning is currently the most popular form of air conditioning in Australia, and for good reason. Ducted air conditioners are extremely convenient because they can be installed in any location in your home.

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