How Air Conditioning effects the Environment?

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How Does An Air Conditioners Affect The Environment?

The main issue with this is that these devices are often not recycled, and therefore end up in landfills or in recycling bins mistakenly.

Air conditioners are a must-have in this current era, and they come with many advantages. However, air conditioners do have some drawbacks. Air conditioners use a lot of energy, which not only affects the environment but also increases our electricity bill.

The increased demand of energy is causing more fossil fuel to be burned and this is what leads to an increase in CO2 emissions that are harmful for the environment. Air conditioning units generate a lot of water vapour that can result in high humidity levels. When humidity is too high, it causes mould to grow and this can cause issues with allergies for those who have respiratory problems. Humidity also attracts insects and may cause diseases like mosquito-borne diseases which would worsen the situation for people living near or in humid areas.

Air conditioners also contain hydrofluorocarbons which are greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming and climate change. Hydrofluorocarbons main sources of impact stem for are  industrial facilities, household air conditioners and including power plants.

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The environment is an unavoidable topic in today's society. With the population on the rise, it is imperative to consider how humans impact our planet. This blog examines the environmental impacts of air conditioners and their effects on global warming and how they contribute also.

Air Conditioners Generate Energy Waste

In order to run, air conditioners require a constant energy supply, which can be provided by power sources such as coal, solar panels and wind turbines. However, due to their frequent use and heavy demands of energy, air conditioners contribute a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Air conditioning has been found to contribute as much as two percent of all green house gas emissions in America alone.

Air conditioning units come with a hefty price tag and it's no surprise that they're not the most environmentally friendly way to cool a home. When you turn on your air conditioner, the temperature in your home quickly cools down, but at the same time the air from outside is being drawn into your house to replace that cooled air. This method of cooling is called a "chimney effect."

How Do Air Conditioners Affect Global Warming?

Air conditioners affect global warming by emitting greenhouse gases that cause the earth to warm. These gases include carbon dioxide and methane. When the earth warms, ice caps will start to melt which will cause sea levels to rise. It is estimated that around 300 million air conditioners are dumped every year world wide each house hold air conditioner containing on average 800grams of refrigerant .

Efficient AC Systems Will Make Our Homes More Comfortable And Cleaner Without Damaging the Environment?

We are all familiar with the power of air conditioners. They cool down our homes during the summer and make us more comfortable. But do we know how much they contribute to pollution and global warming?

Air conditioning systems use a lot of electricity, which is generated from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. This is one of the main reasons why air conditioners are so bad for the environment. The other reason is that they release hot exhaust outside into the environment which makes it feel hotter outside than it actually is, and also releases harmful gases into the air which can negatively affect people’s health.

Fortunately there are some new AC systems on the market that don't make us feel guilty about their impact on climate change because they use less electricity and less water than regular AC systems. If you would like to know about these systems feel free to contact us to further discuss.

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